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Dong Yang (Korea)

Dong Yang (Korea)
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Rotary-Piston Type Oil Flow Meter
Rotary-Piston Type Oil Flow Meter

DONG YANG Rotary Piston Type Oil Flow Meter is constructed with rotor and bearing. It is designed for precise flow measurement. This flow meter is generally used for boiler fuel oil, palm oil, diesel oil, light/heavy oil, kerosene and etc.

Body Case:Cast Iron
Rotors:Aluminium Alloy
Display :Analog (Digital LCD display optional)
Flow unit:Litre per Hour
Temperature:Maximum 100°C (180°C optional)
Pressure:Maximum 10 kgf/cm²
Totalizing:999.999 litres non-resetable or resetable
Accuracy:+/- 0.5%
Optional:Pulse output
Connection:Flanged End to JIS 10K, PN 16
Variable Area Flow Meter
Variable Area Flow Meter
The body and adapter of flow meter are constructed from heat and chemical resistance polysulfone and with stainless steel internal parts. The flow meter is designed with stainless steel corrosion resistance float and a permanent printed scale.
*Heat and chemical resistance polysulfone meter body
*Wear and corrosion resistance internal parts
*O-ring seals of ethylene propylene
*A wide spectrum of calibration
*Permanent screen printed scales
*High accuracy and repeatability
*Simple to install, only minimum of maintenance is required
Reverse osmosis equipment
Wear and corrosion resistance internal parts
D.I. water systems
Electronic and microchip procession systems
Water reclamation equipment
Film and x-ray processing equipment
Solar heating system
Filtration systems
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