FRESE Alpha Automatic Balancing Valve is particularly designed and manufactured for automatic flow balancing of the heating and cooling circuits without any adjustment to the valve during commissioning. The balancing occurs by means of a flow rate cartridge, in which the differential pressure is held constant across an orifice plate. The result is a constant flow through the valve irregardless of inlent pressure fluctuation.



Material : Tin/Nickel plated brass, Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316
O-ring : EPDM
Spring : Stainless Steel
Diaphragm : Reinforced EPDM
Pressure Range : 7 kPa to 600 kPa Differential Pressure
Flow Range : 0.015 to 967.39 litre/sec
Temperature : Up to 120°C


FRESE ALPHA(Threaded End Valve)

Size Range : DN 15 to DN 50 (1/2" to 2")
Housing : DZR, CW602N
O-ring : EPDM
Flow Range : 0.015 to 3.154 litre/sec
Working Pressure : 16 Bar Standard, 25 Bar optional
Connection : Threaded End ISO 228


FRESE ALPHA(Wafer End Valve)

Size Range : DN 50 to DN 800 (2" to 32")
Housing : Ductile Iron DIN 1693 GGG-40
O-ring : EPDM
Flow Range : 1.061 to 967.39 litre/sec
Working Pressure : 16 Bar Standard, 25 Bar optional
Connection : Suitable for PN16 Flange Standard



*Minimize commissioning time

*Cartridge solution makes flushing installation in the valve

*Quick and easy cartridge installation in the valve

*Unproblematic performance even with high concentration of debris

*Flexibility if the system is modified after the initial installation

*Accuracy +/- 5%(Tested and confirmed by BSRIA)

*Interchangeable orifice for different flow rate

*100% overflow safety

*Noiseless operation