Gas Filled Thermometer


Suitable for water, steam, oil and gases



Dial Size 4 inch(100mm), 6 inch(150mm)
Capillary Tube Length 3 meters and 7 meters, others length on request
Immersion Bulb Length 140mm
Immersion Bulb Diameter 10mm O.D
Accuracy +/- 1.0% of Full Scale
End Connection 1/2 inch BSPT Thread
Entry Type Bottom Entry(Standard)
Back Entry(Optional)
Enclosure Weatherproof IP 65
Scale Unit Dual Scale in degree C & degree F
Dial Aluminium alloy,balck graduation
and figures on white background
Measuring Range 0° to 160°C, others range on request
Accessories(Optional) Stainless Steel Thermowell, Electrical Contact Head