Hattersley - U.K

HATTERSLEY Eccentric Plug Valve offering a high flow capacity round port desing in size up to 350mm and larger sizes has rectangular ports. The eccentric design ensures that the trunnion-supported plug rotates away from the seat as soon as movement begins to avoiding scuffing against the seat, thereby enhancing life expectancy.



Size Range : 65mm to 1400mm (2 ½" to 54")
Body Material : Cast Iron BS 1452 Gr.220
Plug : Ductile Iron with encapsulated Nitrile
Seat : Nickel welded
Pressure Rating : PN16 - up to 16 Bar
Class 125 - up to 10 Bar(150 P.S.I)
Connection : Flanged End to PN16, ANSI B16.5, Class 125


HATTERSLEY Flex Check Valve is designed with 100% full flow area and provides 25 years warranty on hinge. The seating surface is constructed at a 45 degree angle, moderate disc travel and permit optimum flow rates. The disc resulting 35 degree stroke combined with its flexible action significantly reduce the valve closing time and restricting both flow reversal and 'water hammer' effect.



Size Range : 50mm to 600mm (2" to 24")
Body Material : Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Gr.65
Disc : Steel with encapsulated Nitrile
Hinge : Encapsulated Nitrile
Interior Lining : Epoxy coated
Pressure Rating : PN16 - Up to 16 Bar
Connection : Flanged End to PN16, ANSI B16.5, Class 150


HATTERSLEY Balancing Valve conformed to BS 7350 is used for regulating the flow in heating and cooling circuits. It is featured with double regulating device allows flow balance.


FIGURE 1732, M737, C950G

Size Range : 15mm to 700mm (1/2" to 28")
Body Material : Bronze, Cast Iron
Stem : DZR Copper Alloy, Aluminium Bronze, Stainless Steel
Disc : DZR Copper Alloy, Aluminium Bronze, Cast Iron with EPDM coated
Working Pressure : Up to 20 Bar
Connection : Threaded End ISO 228
Flanged End to PN16