I-Tork - KOREA

I-TORK Electric Actuator is designed in compact size with robust construction, reliable perfomance and ability to integrate fully into multiple control system. This electric actuator is especially desined for quarter turn operating application such as Ball, Butterfly, Plug valves, Dampers and similar usages.



Enclosure : Weatherproof IP 67, NEMA 4 and 6
Power Supply : 110/220VAC/1Ph/50/60Hz +/- 10%
380/440VAC/3Ph/50/60Hz +/- 10%
Motor : Squirrel Caged induction motor
Limit Switches : 2 each for open and close(SPDT)
Torque Switch : 1 each for open and close(SPDT),
except ITQ 0100, 0080 and 0040
Travel Angle : 90°C +/- 5° (0-100%)
Manual Override : De-clutchable with handwheel for ITQ 0100 and above
By spanner for ITQ 0040
By wrench(M6) for ITQ 0080
Space Heater : 5W(110/220VAC) anti-consideration
Temperature : Basic Actuator -20°C to +70°C
With control options -10°C to +60°C
Ambient Humidity : 90%RH maximum(non-condensing)
External Coating : Dry Powder(Polyester)



*Wide range of output torque(From 40 Nm to 9000 Nm)

*Hard anodized aluminium housing inside with powder coating

*Radial seals & o-rings enclosure provide waterproof protection to IP67(NEMA 4&6) or optional to IP 68

*Mounting base according to ISO 5211 standard

*Self-locing provided by double worm gearing

*Declutching manual override handwheel with pad lockable of auto or manual switchable lever

*Large window and indicator provide better position indication from a distance

*Reliable Mechanical Torque Sensing System providing safe operation in overload condition

*Various Local position control options providing easy