Watts Acv - USA

WATTS ACV is hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated automatic control valve. The valve opens fully when there is no pressure on the cover chamber and valve closes when line pressure is directed into the cover chamber. A control pilot will be connected directly to the control valve though tubing or piping which commands the valve to act such as Pressure Reducing. Altitude Valve, Relief Valve, Deluge Valve and etc.


Size Range : 32mm to 600mm (1 ¼" to 24")
Body Material : Ductile Iron, Cast Bronze
Diaphragm : Nylon Reinforces Buna-N Rubber
Temperaute : Maximum 100°C (180°C optional)
Working Pressure : Up to 250 P.S.I (Standard) <>br/> 500 P.S.I (Optional)
Temperature : Up to 90°C
Connection : Threaded End, Flanged End to PN16, PN25, ANSI B16.5


Type of valves available : Model
Pressure Reducing Valve : M6115 / M115
Altitude Valve : M6127H-1 / M127H-1
Surge Anticipator Relief Valve : M6115-51 / M116-51
Rate of Flow Control Valve : M6114R / M114R
Modulating Float Valve : M6110 / M110-10
Pump Control Valve : M6113-46 / M113-46
Relief/ Sustaining Vlave : M6116 / M116
Deluge Valve UL/FM Approved : ACV100D-A / A/ACV100D-B


  • *Only three major components - Cover, Stem Assembly and Body
  • *100% fused epoxy coating internally and externally, prevent mineral build-up and rust in the basic valve body
  • *One piece flat diaphragm designed, absolute no friction to the rubber diaphragm against the basic valve.
  • *Simplified maintenance, no special tools and skill required


WATTS Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve provides water pressue control solution for residential, commercial and industrial application. It is featured with stainless steel integral strainer, thermal bypass and renewable stainless steel seat.


Size Range : 15mm to 50mm (1/2" to 2")
Body Material : Bronze
Diaphragm : Reinforces Buna-N Rubber
Adjustment Range : 25 to 75 P.S.I, 10 to 35 P.S.I and 75 to 125 P.S.I
Temperaute : Maximum 100°C (180°C optional)
Working Pressure : Up to 300 P.S.I
Temperature : Up to 80°C
Connection : Threaded End


WATTS Back Flow Preventer is used for prevention of health hazard cross-connection in piping system or for containment at the service line entrance. It is install at each potential health hazard location to prevent backflow in water lines due to back siphonage and/or back pressure to avoid polluted water from entering into the potable water system. The assembly is consisting of an internal pressure differential relief valve between two positive seating check valves.


Size Range : 15mm to 250mm (1/2” to 10”)
Body Material : Bronze, Cast Iron
Adjustment Range : 25 to 75 P.S.I, 10 to 35 P.S.I and 75 to 125 P.S.I
Working Pressure : Up to 1750 P.S.I.
Temperature : Up to 80°C
Connection : Threaded End, Flanged End ANSI 125FF