FRESE Automatic Balancing Valve (Flow Control)

Address water loss and conserve water with FRESE Automatic Balancing Valve

Accuracy ±5% (tested and confirmed by BSRIA)

Easily modify flow rate with interchageable orifice


ALPHA Cartridge 
MaterialDZR Brass CW602N
 AISI 304 (Wafer cartridges)
SpringStainless Steel 1.4310
Pressure Range7 to 600 kPa Differential Pressure
Flow Range0.015 to 967.39 litre/sec
Temperature-20 to 120°C
FRESE ALPHA (Threaded End) 
Size Range15 to 50 mm (1/2 to 2″)
HousingDZR CW602N
Flow Range0.015 to 3.154 litre/sec
Working Pressure16 Bar Standard, 25 Bar optional
ConnectionThreaded End ISO 228
FRESE ALPHA (Wafer End) 
Size Range50 to 800 mm (2 to 32″)
HousingDuctile Iron DIN 1693 GGG40
Flow Range1.061 to 1062 litre/sec
Working Pressure16 Bar Standard, 25 Bar optional
ConnectionPN 16 Flange
FRESE Alpha Automatic Balancing Valve is designed and manufactured for automatic flow balancing of the heating and cooling circuits without any adjustment to the valve during commissioning. The balancing occurs by means of a flow rate cartridge, in which the differential pressure is held constant across an orifice plate. The result is a constant flow through the valve irregardless of inlet pressure fluctuation.
FRESE Alpha offers the following benefits:
1) Plug and play operation – Eliminates time consuimg system adjustments
2) Can be ditted adjacent to a bend or fitting in the pipre
3) Can be used even with the presence of dirt and debris without affecting accuracy
4) Flow depends only on the replaceable orifice plate
5) Valve sizing selection is quick and easy – only flow data is required