Rubber Glove

Rubber Glove

Control valves are commonly used to ensure the temperatures of dipping tanks, oven and dryer are maintained at their optimal range for efficient glove production. Temperature controls are established to prevent uneven wall thickness or weak spots on the gloves.

The heat source can be steam, thermo oil or hot water. 

2-Way Control Valve

VALMATIC Segmented Ball Valve

VALMATIC Segmented Ball Valve is a quarter-turn control valve designed for precise throttling or on/off service. This valve combines the quick action of a ball valve and the equal percentage flow capabilities of a globe valve. It is more compact, economical and has a higher flow capacity than a comparably sized globe valve. For steam control, Valmatic Segmented Ball Valve has the following features making it a durable and long-lasting valve.

CLORIUS Temperature Control Valve

CLORIUS Temperature Control Valve is made of a thermostat and a 2-way control valve. The thermostat consists of a sensor and a capillary tube filled with liquid and an adjustable cylinder and does not require an external power source to function making it easy and inexpensive to install.

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