ARI Safety Valve

ARI Safety Valve

ARI-SAFE (Full Lift) Fig 901 – 912

Size Range: DN 15 to DN 250 (3/4″ to 10″)
Connection: Flanged End to PN16, PN40;
B16.5 Class 150 and Class 300

ARI-SAFE-P (Standard Lift) Fig 921-924

Size Range: DN 15 to DN 150 (1/2″ to 6″)
Connection: Flanged End To PN16, PN40

ARI-SAFE-TCP (Standard Lift) Fig 961-963

Size Range: DN 15 to DN 25 (1/2″ to 1″)
Connection: Threaded End to ISO 228 Part 1

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ARI ARMATUREN Safety Valve is designed for blowing off steam, fluids and gases from pressure vessels, steam boiler and etc.

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