VALMATIC Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

Size Range: 100 – 3000 mm
Temperature Range: Up to 80°C
Pressure Ratings: 10, 16 bar


Size Range 100 – 3000 mm
Temperature Range Up to 80°C
Pressure Ratings 10, 16 bar
End Connection Flanged to PN 10, 16
Actuation Worm gear actuator
(peumatic or electric actuator optional)
Design Standard DS EN 593:2009 + A1:2011
Face to Face Dimension BS EN 558-1, Series 13 & 14
Flange Dimension BS EN 1092-2
Top Flange Dimension ISO 5211
Hydrostatic Test Pressure Shell: 1.5x max working pressure
Seat: 1.1x max working pressure
BodyDuctile Iron EN-GJS-500-7
StemStainless Steel BS 970 Part 1 431S29
DiscDuctile Iron EN-GJS-500-7
Sealing RingEPDM BS EN 681-1 Type WA