SEWON Flame Arrester

Model (detonation proof): SFD, SFJ, SFM
Model (deflagration proof): SFC, SFG, SFH, SFE

Size Range: 2″ – 48″


Flame arrester is to protect the safety equipment from flame by being equipped into the pipe lines, gas duct lines and vent lines of the tank where inflammable gas is stored. SEWON crimped metal flame arresters are designed to stop the propagation or spread of flames through flammable gas or vapor mixtures in pipelines. They prevent flame entering or leaving plant and can confine flame propagation to within certain equipment. Flame arresters are passive devices, operating automatically and normally have no moving parts.
Size Range 2″ – 48″
Connection ASME B16.5 Class 150 Flange
JIS 10K Flange
Design Types In-Line, End of Line, Female
Body Aluminium, Carbon Steel, SS304, SS316
Flame Element SS304, SS316

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