SEWON Gauge Hatch Cover

Model: SGH

Size Range: 4″ – 10″
Max Working Pressure: 10 psig


The SEWON gauge hatch cover is designed to provide easy access to storage tanks for checking level or temperature of products, and for sampling. It is available either with or without a cover clamp. The hatch cover model without the clamp can be used as emergency pressure venting up to 3 psig of pressure. Design features include a foot pedal for easy opening, gasket seal and tape gauge maker, and a cover is adaptable for self-closing or not.
Size Range 4″ – 10″
Max Working Pressure 10 psig
End Connection ASME B16.5 Class 150 Flange
JIS 10K Flange
BodyAluminium, Carbon Steel, SS304, SS316
SeatPTFE Teflon

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