WEFLO Suction Diffuser Fig 7109

Size Range: 50 – 200 mm
Temperature Range: -10 to 120°C
Pressure Ratings: 16 bar / 250 psi


Size Range 50 – 200 mm
Temperature Range -10 to 120°C
Pressure Ratings 16 bar / 250 psi
End Connection Flanged End to ANSI B16.1 Class 125
Flanged End to EN1092 PN10 / 16
Body Cast Iron ASTM A216 Class B
Cover Cast Iron ASTM A216 Class B
Screen Stainless Steel A276 Grade 304
Fasteners Carbon Steel A307 Grade B
WEFLO Suction Diffuser is mounted to the suction side of a pump in a horizonal or vertical position. It is a combination elbow, reducer, strainer and straightening vane. WEFLO Suction Diffuser offers the following benefits:
1) Flow straigtener ensuires uniform flow to the suction inlet of the pump
2) Minimal pressure drop with oversized diffuser screen
3) Removable mesh 20 start up screen
4) Fully epoxy coasted with stainless steel screen for long-lasting corrosion protection