MIYAWAKI Ball Float Trap

Model: G11N, G12N, G15N, G3N, GH5N, G, GH, GC1, GC20

Size Range: DN 15 – 100 (1/2 – 4″)
Body Material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel
Pressure Rating: Up to 32 Bar
Temperature Range: Up to 450°C
Connection: Threaded, Flanged End


Ball Float Steam Traps can be used in all process applications, like all kind of heat exchangers, tank and unit heaters and others, where condensate must be removed immediately after it forms.
GC1 is especially designed for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries with small condensate loads and the need for stainless steel bodies. It can be also installed for drainage of steam main lines.
G11N & G12N Cast Iron Steam Traps for small and medium condensate loads
G15N Cast Iron Steam Trap for low pressure and large condensate loads
G3N, G5, G2 – G8 Cast Iron Steam Traps for large condensate loads
GH3N – GH5 Cast Steel Steam Traps for large condensate loads
GC1 Stainless Steel Steam Traps for small condensate loads
GC20 Stainless Steel Steam Trap for medium condensate loads