MIYAWAKI Thermostatic Trap

Model: DL1, DF1, DC1, DX

Size Range: DN 15 – 25 (1/2 – 1″)
Body Material: Forged Steel, Carbon Steel
Pressure Rating: Up to 21 Bar
Temperature Range: Up to 350°C
Connection: Threaded, Socket Weld, Flanged End


Light to medium condensate loads: steam tracing, steam main drips, small heat exchangers, unit heaters, steam heating coils and many other applications in the petrochemical, chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
TB7N Steam main lines and tracing lines, low and medium pressure applications
TB9N Steam main lines, tracing lines, low and medium pressure applications
TB51, TB52 Steam tracing lines, low pressure applications
TB81, TB82 High pressure steam main lines, high pressure applications
Excellent air venting characteristics at start-up and during operation
Insensitive to waterhammer
The operation will not be influenced by back pressure
At time of non-operation self-draining
No steam loss throughout its operating range
All traps equipped with integral strainers
Can be installed both horizontally and vertically
Easy in-line inspection and maintenance
Lightweight, compact design

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