MIYAWAKI Temperature Control Trap

Model: TB7N, TB9N, TB51, TB52, TB81, TB82

Size Range: DN 15 – 25 (1/2 – 1″)
Body Material: Forged Steel, Carbon Steel
Pressure Rating: Up to 196 Bar
Temperature Range: Up to 550°C
Connection: Threaded, Socket Weld, Flanged End


TB7N Steam main lines and tracing lines, low and medium pressure applications
TB9N Steam main lines, tracing lines, low and medium pressure applications
TB51, TB52 Steam tracing lines, low pressure applications
TB81, TB82 High pressure steam main lines, high pressure applications
All traps are equipped with the patented valve mechanism SCCV® -System
The SCCV® System ensures a superior closing performance in the center of the port, greatly reduced wear of the internal parts and extended life of the trap
Highly efficient in energy conservation – eliminates virtually 100% of steam loss
Continuous discharge of the condensate according to the adjusted temperature – not influenced by inlet pressure changes
Inline repairable – easy and quick replacement of the bimetal unit and the seat
Readjustment possible while the trap is in operation (for low pressure applications)
All traps equipped with integral strainer